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A Bear's Breakfast
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Pro Tips

Are your scores not reflecting how your hitting the ball?
GBC Academy is offering 9 hole playing lessons. This is a great way for you to learn how to play the game with your own personal caddie. During the playing lesson we will help you with: reading greens, club selection, sand play, uneven lies, weather conditions, and understanding how to play each hole with your game in mind. The price is $165 with maximum of two players.

Tip of the Month
by Clay Stothers, Director of Instruction
GBC Golf Academy
Okanagan Golf Club

Long Putters - The great debate continues, but the long putters are here to stay. When the drivers switched from wood to steel to titanium, golfers said that metal woods were cheating, and recently when the hybrids came out and replaced your long irons, people thought that hybrids would be banned. Very similar to what a hybrid has done for your game, the long putter can do the same for your putting. The long putter, whether it be a belly putter or a chest putter, can work wonders for your short game. I try to play a lot with our members, and what I find is that the more important the putt is the worse of a stroke we produce. This is why we are seeing more long putters in the golf bag of tour players. What the putter does is it takes out most of your small twitch muscles and forces you to use your larger group muscles to strike the ball. It helps you keep your body quiet to help you make more putts. I started using a belly putter as a training aid in 2002, and has been in my bag full time since 2006.

Agree or disagree I would love to hear your opinion, email me at cstothers@golfbc.com