Rules & Etiquette

Local Rules (RCGA Rules govern all play)
  • Out of Bounds - Shall be defined by white stakes and boundary fences.
  • Obstructions - All roads, bridges, stairways, cart paths, irrigation devices, distance markers, staked trees, tree wells and ESA Fences on #4 #5 #6 and #7.
  • Water & Lateral Water Hazards and ESA Fences on #4 #5 #6 and #7 - Shall be designated by yellow stakes and red stakes, or they shall be defined by yellow or red lines respectively. The margin or a water hazard extends vertically upwards and downwards. Stakes and lines defining the margins of water hazards are considered in the hazards.
  • Pace of Play - In the interest of all players, please adhere to our 4 hours and 30 minutes pace of play. Golf course representatives reserve the right to direct you to pick up your ball and proceed to the next teeing ground if your group falls behind one complete hole.
  • Free Relief - Drop your ball ONE club length from the point where the interference no longer exists, and no closer to the hole.
  • Environmental Sensitive Area (ESA)- Defined by White stakes with green tops and wooden fences around Oak Trees on #4 #5 #6 #7. Play from these areas are prohibited and must take relief with accordance with "Ground Under Repair".
  • Cellular Phones, Beepers, Walkmans, or Other Electronic Equipment - Should not be used or carried in an activated form that may disrupt play.
  • Drop Area - Has been provided on hole #12.
For players' safety and course maintenance, please observe all posted information.

RCGA / BCLGA Ratings for Olympic View Golf Club
White (M)
White (L)
Gold (M)
Gold (L)
Brown (M)
Brown (L)

To keep golf at Olympic View a pleasurable experience for all we ask you to please follow these rules:

  • Please replace divots, repair ball marks on greens and rake sand traps.
  • Pull carts and power carts are not permitted on tees or beyond lines marked in front of greens. All traffic in and around greens should follow cart paths or other designated routes
Dress Code Policy
Dress Code is relaxed. Comfortable golf attire, such as shirt, pants or shorts and suitable footwear is required. Multiple layers are encouraged as weather can change quickly. Steel Spikes not allowed.

Other Information
Washrooms - Located behind the 6th green, above the forward tee on the 5th tee, and behind the 13th green immediately left of the 14th tee.