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Stay Calm and Golf On!

Posted on 19th March, 2015 / Source: Peter Hopley, Gallagher's Canyon

Peter HopleyIt feels like there’s a bit of a “buzz” around golf this year… and we are excited about the upcoming golf season! The phone is ringing, groups are booking, and in many areas, junior programs are thriving.

In recent years, and most specifically in the US, many golf writers have been jumping on the band wagon and writing stories about how golf is dying. It quickly became a novel story to write, with suggestions of different games golf course operators could facilitate in order to save their business.

I’m not saying golf doesn’t have its challenges! Recent studies have shown this industry is currently flat with an equal number of new players coming in versus those leaving. Also notable, new players taking up the game aren’t playing as frequently as golfers from previous generations. Combine that with an abundance of golf courses that were built in the last 20 years, it’s not going to be easy to show growth at each respective facility.

All that said, new players ARE taking up the game. It’s our job to provide great facilities and great programs to make them want to stay. “Golf” is drawing them in… now let’s do our part to keep them!

I recently attended a PGA of BC seminar in Kelowna, BC, where we hosted a presentation revolving around junior golf and growing the game. There was passion and excitement in the room about our respective programs and a genuine concern about how we could each do our part within the Okanagan Valley to expose this great game to more people. It felt very promising!

Golf goes back more than 500 years to its roots in Scotland. At the turn of the century golf was still growing and flying high! It’s incomprehensible to me that this could all be undone in 5 years. Let’s not feel panic stricken to reinvent the game… let’s just focus on policies and programs to help golfers either take up or rediscover the game! “Stay calm and golf on”.

Peter Hopley,
General Manager and Executive Professional,
Gallagher’s Canyon Golf Club, Kelowna, BC

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