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Pro Tips - Alignment

Keri Moffat CPGA Pro Tips by Keri Moffat, CPGA
Director of Golf, GBC Golf Academy at Mayfair Lakes

It is important to check your alignment as often as possible to ensure you are aimed at your intended target and not 20 yards to the right or left. Many players make the mistake of aligning their shoulders and body to the target thinking they are aim correctly (Fig.1), but are unaware that it is the clubface that must be aligned to the target.

To align yourself properly to the target, you must first aim the clubface to the target and then align your body (shoulders, hips, knees, and feet) parallel to that target line (Fig. 2). Visualize a set of train tracks. The first rail will aim your clubface to the target and the parallel rail will aim your body. The next time you practice, check your alignment by placing 2 clubs on the ground, one club at your feet and the other at the club head (Fig 3). Now take a step back and look where the clubs is aligned. If the clubs are pointing at the intended target, then you aligned properly. If not, adjust the clubs until it is pointing to your intended target and then take your stance.

Good fundamentals are important elements in developing a consistent swing. Continue to check your alignment to ensure you are giving yourself every opportunity to hit the ball where you want it to go.

Figure 1
figure 1
Figure 2
figure 2
Figure 3
figure 3