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Pro Tips - Posture

Keri Moffat CPGA Pro Tips by Keri Moffat, CPGA
Director of Golf, GBC Golf Academy at Mayfair Lakes

Starting in good posture is essential for your body to rotate effectively. As well, maintaining that posture throughout the entire swing is important for creating power and distance.

  1. To start, tilt your upper body forward towards the ground, at the same time it will feel like you are sticking out your “behind”. This state of readiness position is similar to other sports, like volleyball or baseball. You will create a perfect counterbalance between your upper and lower body and allow for a full shoulder turn. To check this position, place a golf club against your back so that one end is touching your tailbone and the other end touches the back of your head (Fig. 1).
  2. Now tilt forward, if the club stays connected to your tailbone, you are bending properly and will be able to rotate your shoulders around your spine. If the club becomes disconnected, you are rounding your upper back and as a result you will not be able to rotate properly (Fig. 2).
  3. Once you have the correct posture, relax or unlock your knees, and let your arms hang straight down (Fig. 3). You are now ready to make a swing that is free to rotate around your spine and create power. Remember, by developing a solid set-up rooted in proper fundamentals you will be able to build an efficient and balanced golf swing.
Figure 1
figure 1
Figure 2
figure 2
Figure 3
figure 3
Pictures of: Justin Hyun, 2005 Junior Club Champion, Mayfair Lakes