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Pro Tips - Stop Topping the Ball

Keri Moffat CPGA Pro Tips by Keri Moffat, CPGA
Director of Golf, GBC Golf Academy at Mayfair Lakes

Stop Topping the Ball
After topping a ball, how many times have you heard “You’re lifting your head”? So you tuck your chin into your chest and proceed to top the next shot. A topped shot is NOT the result of a player lifting their head, but instead stems from the wrong belief that you need to get under the ball in order to lift or “scoop” it into the air.
  • First, in order to launch the ball into the air, your club must strike down through the ball, not scoop under the ball. To kick a soccer ball in the air, you must kick down, the same principle applies in golf.
  • Second, when striking down at the ball, hitting the grass and making a divot is a good thing, as long as the divot comes after the ball.