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Group Junior Lessons

at the GBC Golf Academy at Mayfair Lakes

Group lessons are suitable for juniors who want to learn the basic fundamental skills of golf in a fun and exciting environment. Physical activity is essential for healthy child development. Each 4-lesson series is focused around:

  • The fundamental movements and how to link them together in play.
  • Building confidence and positive self-esteem.
  • Working on general athleticism to help build strong bones and muscles, improving flexibility, developing good posture and balance, improving fitness, reducing stress and improve sleep.
All Group Classes: $80 per person
Includes 4, 45-minute lessons

Age Group: 4-6 years old +/-
Saturday, September 9, 16, 23, 3011amBook now!
Age Group: 7-12 years old +/-
Saturday, September 9, 16, 23, 3011amBook now!
Bring your Own Group
Our group lessons are a great way learn an introduction into the game. We will cover putting, chipping, 5 fundamentals of a set up and basic swing techniques. This program is perfect for a group of friends or family who want to pick their own times and dates. You can also design the curriculum to suit the goals of your group. 3-6 golfers.

To book a lesson, or for more information, contact:
Keri Moffat, Director of Instruction
"PGA of BC Teacher of the Year, 2011"
Mayfair Lakes Golf and Country Club
604.276.0585 x.113 or 1.800.i.GolfBC