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Improving Pace of Play with Ready Golf

Posted on 28th May, 2015 / Source: Arbutus Ridge

If you have golfed at Arbutus Ridge recently, you may have noticed several new "play ready golf" signs located throughout the course. Slow play can be frustrating for all golfers; nobody enjoys waiting on every tee for the group in front to be out of range, nor do they like being frequently reminded by the course Marshall to speed up. Playing 'Ready Golf' is an easy solution to slow pace of play. Ready Golf means thinking ahead so that you are ready to play when it becomes your turn.

Some common tips for staying on the 4:15 round expectation includes:
  • Chose the correct tee for your ability
  • Keep up to the group ahead
  • No honours; whoever is ready and it is safe to do so, hits their shot
  • Exit greens quickly and move briskly in between shots
  • Be cart smart; drop off your partner first, then drive to your own ball and prepare to hit your shot
  • When your playing partner's ball is lost, hit your shot FIRST, then help them search for their lost ball
  • Line up chip shots/putts before it is your turn
  • Once it is your turn to putt, "putt out" (continuously putt until the ball is holed)
  • If you are scoring high on the hole, pick up your golf ball
Playing Ready Golf and staying on track for a 4 hours and 15 minutes round of golf makes the day on the course more enjoyable for all users. Thank you on behalf of all golfers!

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