GolfBC Rewards

Important Notice: The GolfBC Rewards Program is coming to an end on Dec 31, 2024.
Originally launched in 2001, the GolfBC Rewards Program was one of the first real-time electronic rewards programs in our industry. For over twenty years we have kept the program relatively un-changed and simple: to award points for purchases and activities that can be redeemed for golf. However, after years of evaluation and analysis, we find that there is a clear need for the program to be halted, re-imagined, and rebuilt to suit the needs of Members, Passholders, Guests, and GolfBC properties alike.

As we phase out the points program, we will continue to reward loyalty in the many ways we have been doing so year over year: our licensed and annual Membership programs, multi-round pass discounts at select properties, last minute tee time specials, and numerous seasonal promotions offered regularly at all our golf courses – including in the Golf Shops and Restaurants.

We will also continue to work on what a re-imagined program might look like, as we explore new ideas and technologies. For now, please see the schedule below for information on the discontinuation timeframe for GolfBC Rewards.

Deadline to EARN GolfBC Rewards Points
GolfBC Rewards cardholders can no longer earn Rewards Points effective January 2022. This includes all annual dues payments, golf, instruction, retail, payments on account, hotel, and food and beverage purchases, as well as any receipts from the Crystal Lodge and/or Wailea Golf Club.

Deadline to REDEEM GolfBC Rewards Points
GolfBC Rewards cardholders will have up until, and including, December 31st, 2024, to redeem their remaining GolfBC Rewards Points.

Program Discontinues effective January 1, 2025
The GolfBC Rewards Program will be discontinued entirely as of January 1st, 2025, and any remaining Rewards Points will be forfeited.

Rewards Cardholder Resources
GolfBC Rewards cardholders with active cards can view the redemption schedule, as well as log into the Rewards portal to check their points balance or transaction history:

Lost or Deactivated Cards
If you cannot locate your GolfBC Rewards Card, or your GolfBC Rewards Card has been deactivated due to 2 years of inactivity, please send an email to [email protected] with the subject ‘LOST/DEACTIVATED GOLFBC REWARDS CARD’ or click here to fill out an online contact form.

On behalf of Nicklaus North, Mayfair Lakes, Olympic View, Gallagher's Canyon and The Okanagan Golf Club, GolfBC would like to thank all our cardholders for your understanding. Your gracious support is sincerely appreciated. We look forward to making this a smooth transition and continuing to improve all of our facilities and programs for our Members, Passholders, and Guests alike.

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