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GolfBC Charitable Impact - BC Cancer Foundation

Posted on 15th September, 2020 / Source: BC Cancer Foundation

Giving back to the community through charitable initiatives has always been at the core of GolfBC Group and the Chan family. So, it is no surprise that it was also a main priority when taking on the role of Title Sponsor at the GolfBC Championship; a Mackenzie Tour - PGA TOUR Canada event held at Gallagher's Canyon in Kelowna every June. Ever since the inaugural event in 2016, the BC Cancer Foundation has been the main charitable beneficiary, a cause we all feel passionate about supporting.

The BC Cancer Foundation, over the last four years of the GolfBC Championship, has received a total of over $500,000.

So, where does this money go?
It goes towards advancing cancer research and enhancing care for patients throughout B.C. Thank you to the BC Cancer Foundation for their kind words and helpful insights:

"The GolfBC Group, GolfBC Championship, and the Chan Family Foundation have made giving back to the community an integral part of their philosophy, and has made – and continues to make – an indelible impact on our community.

On behalf of the BC Cancer Foundation and BC Cancer, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to you for supporting cancer patients and their families in the community and beyond. Since 2016, GolfBC Group and the GolfBC Championship, with the support of the Chan Family Foundation, have raised over $500,000 for our community, which is enabling BC Cancer to innovate treatment solutions and advance research. From the generosity of members, to clubs like Gallagher’s Canyon Golf Club lending their course for events, we are changing cancer outcomes together.

Funds from the GolfBC Championship have supported the work happening across the province and specifically at BC Cancer - Kelowna, which serves Interior communities and offers patients access to assessment and diagnostic services, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and supportive care.

Some key areas of impact include:

Kelowna PET/CT Scanner:

  • Funds helped bring a PET/CT scanner, the best in cancer diagnostics, to BC Cancer - Kelowna, which will support thousands of patients per year who currently have to travel to Vancouver for this critical scan. Earlier this August, the project came to completion, and the Kelowna PET/CT Scanner, will now see over 2,000 scans conducted annually. A PET/CT Scanner is a critical component of enhanced cancer care. It delivers precise images of abnormal or cancerous cells. These images can help physicians diagnose cancer at an early stage or evaluate the effectiveness of treatments by determining if a patient’s cancer tumours have shrunk, spread or returned.
Hereditary Cancer Program:

  • Funds have also supported the Hereditary Cancer Program (HCP), which provides hereditary cancer genetic counseling and testing to individuals and families across B.C. and Yukon. Identifying hereditary cancer risk empowers individuals and families to stop cancer before it starts, with swift and effective prevention strategies. Your generous donations are supporting the HCP program to:
  • improve patient access to genetic testing by decreasing wait times with large group genetic counselling;
  • improve identification of patients and families with hereditary cancer who otherwise would not have been eligible for HCP-funded testing;
  • expand HCP-funded testing criteria to include unaffected individuals at high risk of hereditary cancer;
  • expand HCP outreach across B.C., including large group counselling sessions in Kelowna, Nanaimo and Victoria;
  • establish infrastructure for virtual group genetic counselling to decrease wait times and increase genetic testing across BC;
  • develop automated digital genetic counselling and genetic testing tools including a web-based portal, animated education video, and chatbot
We are so fortunate to have this support. By working with community partners like GolfBC Group, and events like the GolfBC Championship, we are confident that together we will change cancer outcomes."

With Gratitude,
BC Cancer Foundation

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