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To contact the Corporate Team or for General Inquiries:

[email protected]

Jason Lowe, Vice President of Operations, GolfBC Group (BC & Hawaii)
Rita Rennie, Director of Marketing, GolfBC Group
Nicholas Louie, Director of Finance, GolfBC Group
Jody Baker, Director of Procurement, Burrard/GolfBC
Brett Finlayson, Director of Grounds Maintenance, GolfBC Group
Eric Gilchrist, Corporate Chef, GolfBC Group/Beacon Pub
Patrick McEachran, Marketing and Sales Associate, GolfBC Group

Tournaments, Corporate Groups & Events

Dave Kuk, Sales & Events Manager (Mayfair Lakes)
Danielle Poupart, Sales & Events Manager (Nicklaus North)
Katrina Milne, Sales & Events Manager (Olympic View)
James Grassie, Sales & Membership Manager (The Okanagan GC)
Ruthanne Arams, Sales & Events Manager (Gallagher's Canyon)
Jennifer McNally, Sales & Events Manager, Maui, Hawaii (Wailea GC)
Sales Department, Crystal Lodge, Whistler

Marketing & Advertising

Nicklaus North: Danielle Poupart (Sales & Events Manager)
Mayfair Lakes: Mike Smedstad (General Manager)
Olympic View: Randy Frank (General Manager)
Okanagan Golf Club: Dan Matheson (General Manager)
Gallagher's Canyon: Ruthanne Arams (Sales, Events, & Marketing Manager)
Hawaii: Jennifer McNally (Director of Sales & Marketing) or Dave Ulm (General Manager)

GolfBC Property Contacts
The Okanagan (Kelowna)

The Okanagan Golf Club (Bear + Quail)
Gallagher's Canyon Golf & Country Club (Canyon Course + Pinnacle)

Vancouver to Whistler

Mayfair Lakes Golf & Country Club (Richmond)
Nicklaus North Golf Course (Whistler)
Crystal Lodge (Whistler)

Vancouver Island

Olympic View Golf Club (Victoria)

Wailea, Maui, Hawaii

Wailea Golf Club

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