Michelle Wie HSJGA Tournament of Champions at the Wailea Golf Club on Maui

26th September, 2012
Michelle Wie commits time and resources to support the presitigous Michelle Wie HSJGA Tournament of Champions at the Wailea Golf Club on Maui!

The biggest draw in women’s golf for the past decade, Michelle Wie, has committed to support the season ending HSJGA Tournament of Champions, hosted by the Wailea Golf Club December 15-16, the most prestigious junior golf event in her native state of Hawaii. In a record setting 2002 season Wie won the 15-18 year old age division as a 12 year old member of the Hawaii State Junior Golf Association (HSJGA), capturing national attention and launching an international career.

Wie will assume the title sponsorship of the event and utilize her considerable presence to energize fund raising efforts for the HSJGA. She will also donate time, collectibles plus match the first $10,000 in donations in an online fundraising campaign. Her efforts will ensure Hawaii’s junior golfers continue to experience a “first class” competition featuring tournament winner from the 2012 schedule. “This is my chance to give back to the organization and help the young golfers in Hawaii grow in this game that's given me so much. The HSJGA and I go way back to when I was just a kid who loved to hit the ball a long way. They gave me the opportunity to develop my game and competitive drive in an open, nurturing environment - they really made it possible for me to take my game to the next level,” Wie said.

The HSJGA Tournament of Champions has been a highlight on the HSJGA schedule since its founding in 1998. The 2012 Michelle Wie HSJGA Tournament of Champions edition anticipates approximately 75+ entries, including 50 winners of 23 HSJGA tournaments during the calendar year. Other notable past champions include Alex Ching, Stephanie Kono, Lorens Chan, Cassy Isagawa, Tadd Fujikawa and Miki Ueoka. “I really don’t think Michelle realizes the enormity of her positive impact on junior golf not only in Hawaii but across the United States and the world for that matter. The HSJGA is so proud of the way she has started her career on the LPGA Tour while being a full time student at Stanford. We are so happy to have her back home to ignite more interest in junior golf in Hawaii, and help the HSJGA “Develop Tomorrow’s Leader’s One Swing at a Time” said Mary Bea Porter-King, President of the HSJGA.

Wie’s support of the Tournament of Champions and the HSJGA is a significant partnership for the association. Wie is the most recognizable alumnus in the history of the HSJGA and the association gave Wie a grounding in fundamentals that has endured and was help during her meteoric rise. “I am so proud of Michelle in reaching out to the HSJGA to build a partnership, she is truly leading by example by giving back,” said Mary Bea.

Founded in 1998 the HSJGA has offered the opportunity for thousands of Hawaiian juniors to experience the benefits found in the game of golf through tournaments, team competitions and college workshops.

With Wie’s support the future of the HSJGA continues its forward progress. The 2013 HSJGA schedule anticipates even more junior golfers competing in over 25 events in Hawaii throughout the year. Along with talented professional stars like Michelle the HSJGA has counted doctors, lawyers, musicians, accountants, business men/women and teachers among its alumni. The skills young golfers develop in the program have helped scores of Hawaiian juniors earn scholarships from college programs across the nation.

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