FlightScope Technology at GolfBC

FlightScope: What it is and why you should be using it
FlightScope TechnologyWhat: FlightScope is a 3D Doppler tracking radar for Golf and other sports. It accurately measures the launch and flight of balls and clubs and provides quantitative data about player and equipment performance.

Why: One word - Accuracy. In a nutshell, FlightScope measures ball speed, position and direction continuously along the ball’s flight path. It measures what the ball is actually doing, and is much more accurate than camera or light beam methods which take only single launch data points and estimate what the ball will do.

FlightScope at Mayfair LakesFlightScope technology is now available at the following GolfBC golf courses:
For more information about pricing and lesson programs incorporating FlightScope technology, contact one of the above golf courses.

How does the 3D Doppler Tracking Radar work?
Flightscope at Nicklaus NorthFlightScope’s 3D motion tracking devices are not just about ball measurement; they can also help with your golf swing analysis by measuring 24 variables related to your Ball, Club or Swing, such as:

Looking for more information? Visit the FlightScope website.

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