Take a Kid to the Course Week

Take a Kid to the Course Logo The National Golf Course Owners' Association (NGCOA) Canada's "Take-a-kid to the Course Week" is another wonderful program that allows GolfBC to offer an opportunity to strengthen the bond between parents and their children. We are committed to ensuring golf is recognized as a true family sport. All of GolfBC's British Columbia courses participate in "Take-a-kid to the Course Week".

Participating GolfBC Courses

Program Overview
What is Take A Kid To The Course Week?

Developed by the National Golf Course Owners Association Canada to encourage families and juniors to take up the game of golf, this cross-Canada campaign is designed to illustrate how easy it is to improve both your score and your relationship with your children by bringing them out to the golf course.

“It's really fun because there's lots of new guys and new friendly people and playing golf is really fun!", Cameron Scissons, age 8

"It's great being with all the other kids and playing golf just for fun!", Elora Wolk, age 9

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