Wailea Golf Academy Clinics

Going on holiday to Maui? Improve your golf game while you're there!

Shake off your winter cobwebs with a tune up at the exclusive Wailea Golf Academy.  Perched at the top of Wailea, the Academy features instruction by award winning Class A PGA teachers, and one of the most spectacular views on Maui!  Clinics focus on specific areas of your game, are 2 hours long with a maximum ratio of 6 students to 1 instructor, and are $99 + tax.

The Driver – Just Bomb It!
Learn to maximize the potential in your driver. How to hit it solid and create the best launch conditions for optimum distance.

Short Game/Wedges – Get it Close!
Shave strokes off your score with a better short game. Learn how to hit it closer from a variety of greenside conditions to make more pars and avoid those ‘big numbers’!

Putting – In the Hole!
Putt like the Pro’s!! Learn how to reduce your 3-putt percentage, make more mid-range putts and hole (nearly) everything inside 3 feet!

Course Management - Play Smarter, not Harder!
Reduce your scores without having to change your swing! Learn how to change your focus and make better decisions to hit the right shot at the right time.

February Clinic Dates
The Driver – Tuesdays 6th & 20th
Short Game – Thursdays 8th & 22nd
Course Management - Fridays 9th & 23rd (both @4pm)
Putting – Saturdays 10th & 24th

For reservations, please email [email protected]or call (808) 875-7450.

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