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Keri Moffat CPGA

Junior Competitor Program at Mayfair Lakes

3 months of training for Juniors!

Mayfair Lakes has introduced a new 3-month Competitor program suitable for juniors 8-14 years old interested in playing golf and competing in tournaments. This program focuses on skill development and training. The Competitor Program includes 12 hours of group based sessions (1-hour session per week), 12 hours of fitness with a Balance in Motion trainer (1-hour session per week), and on-course instruction.

Mayfair's coaches follow a detailed periodization plan designed to teach juniors the necessary skills to improve their game:

  • Learn to cope with the physical and mental challenges of competition
  • Optimize the skill set and build on competitive experience
  • Balance, flexibility, posture, core strength and stability, power, cardiovascular endurance, and performance skills
  • Balance between training (60%) and competition (40%) to foster ongoing development
  • Age/stage appropriate competitive experiences where success and results are important but not the top priority
Saturdays, September 9 - December 21-3pmBook now!
$215 a month for 3 months

Fine Print: Payment will be processed by credit card and will be charged on the 1st of each month.

To book a lesson, or for more information, contact:
Keri Moffat, Director of Instruction
"PGA of BC Teacher of the Year, 2011"
Mayfair Lakes Golf and Country Club
604.276.0585 x.113 or 1.800.i.GolfBC