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The Problem with Bunkers

Bunkers can be a pain in the neck from both a maintenance and a golfing stand point - So why have them? Olympic View's Grounds Crew explains...
23rd March, 2016Sean Wallace, Olympic View

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Machtaler should feel right at home at Gallagher’s

By Brad Ziemer: Kelowna resident delighted to receive sponsor’s exemption into GolfBC Championship. The inaugural GolfBC Championship won’t be just another golf tournament for Greg Machtaler. In so many ways, this will be his major...
1st March, 2016Brad Ziemer, Guest Contributor

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What's With all the Digging?!

If you've visited Olympic View lately, you've likely noticed all the holes around the clubhouse and 10th tee box. Superintendent, Brett Finlayson explains their road to self sufficient water irrigation!
26th February, 2016Brett Finlayson, Olympic View

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Your Body Affects Your Motion...

Golf is an athletic endeavor with serious physical demands, the motion of your golfswing requires muscle! Learn tips and excerises to help you better activate your muscles for a stronger, more powerful golf swing.
3rd February, 2016Jody Jackson, Arbutus Ridge

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Chef Eric's Cheese Fondue

Ever wonder how Nicklaus North and Basalt make their fondue so tasty? Chef Eric Gilchrist shares the secret!
28th January, 2016Eric Gilchrist, Executive Chef - Whistler

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